The Informix Community

The Informix Community

Informix is the only continuously available, easily embeddable, OLTP database software that reduces costs and increases productivity by providing near-zero administration for small to highly-distributed environments regardless of platform. "Set it and forget it" is a popular quote from Informix customers, who count on the ease of use and legendary reliability of Informix. With over 100,000 customers and growing, Informix has a fan base that, once part of it, feels like a family. They have created a whole community of users who share knowledge and resources in the Informix Community.

Informix is going social! As well as User Forums there are lots of events held around the world by IBM, the IIUG and other interest groups.  As well, there are loads of social media groups springing up

  • On FACEBOOK check out the IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) page and Informix On Campus group
  • On LINKED IN why not join the Informix - IIUG supported user group, Informix Related People and others

User Forums


The IIUG, or International Informix Users Group, is the premier web site for the Worldwide Community of Informix Users. It provides services to the Informix community and enables member voices to be heard collectively. IIUG is the most influential user group representing the users of Informix products. Members around the world network, share knowledge and influence IBM and other vendors through IIUG.

The IIUG web site is a helpful central repository for all the information you want know about Informix and its users, including Resources, Events and Discussions. You will find e-news reports, software downloads, admin tools, discussion forums, local user group information, a calendar of events, business directories and even jobs among the plethora of informaiton shared on the web site.

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Forum

The IBM IDS forum is a place to exchange ideas, ask questions and share solutions with your peers in the IBM Informix community about the Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) and tools. Active participation in the forum allows all participants to get the maximum return; the information is for community discussion.

Information Management Forums from IBM

These forums are intended to address technology-related and product-related issues - click the link to find out more about Information Management Forums from IBM 


planetIDS is an aggregator of blogs about IBM's smartest data server: Informix. It combines and republishes posts by Informix bloggers around the world. To find out about  planetIDS and its wealth of Informix information,  click here


Check out the News page for upcoming events